Current Openings
Our employees come together with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds to create talented teams of problem-solvers. We value people, their energy, ideas, commitment and personalities. We try to keep formal structures and hierarchies to a minimum so that team spirit can be fostered and nourished and so that the best ideas and people are given room to breathe and achieve.

Visio Systems is a people company and a teamwork company; we create environments where great people can do great work. We help clients become high-performance business. Skills development is one of the most important investments an organization can make to keep pace with technology


Medical Insurance
For we offer Nationwide PPO Medical Plan utilizing network.

Dental Insurance
VISIO offers Nationwide Dental Plan.

Vision Plan
VISIO provides a Core Exam Vision Plan for all full-time, salaried employees.

Employee Referral Bonus - Refer your Buddy to VISIO!

Visio Systems Employee referral program has been an important part of our success story during the past few years. We rely on our top technical professionals in identifying the best of talent, and there is no better way than through personal referrals. The program benefits the individuals doing the referring, the referred individuals themselves, our esteemed customers, and VISIO. We pay $500 or better for all the candidates that were referred by employees and hired by VISIO

Business Referral Bonus
We pay handsome bonus for all the leads provided by employees that helped Visio Systems generate new business

Relocation Assistance
We provide all the needed assistance for your relocation to another project and reimburse most of the relocation cost.

Workers Compensation
All employees are eligible for this Workers Compensation benefit, wherein they may receive a portion of their salary until the time of return to work, for any job related injury or illness causing incapacitation. The limit on the total amount and the period they may draw benefits are set by the state.

Training and Certifications Reimbursement
Visio Systems reimburses all approved training & certification fees upon successful completion.

Conferences, Seminars & Vendor Training
We provide periodic training on emerging technologies and sponsor employees to seminars and conferences.